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Re: best way of logging on flash based systems

On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 11:01 AM, DL <> wrote:
> matthew sporleder <msporleder <at>> writes:
>> I wrote this a little while ago:
>> and it needs some updating (especially on the mail advice, etc) but it
>> might give some hints about syslog and var.
> Thanks again for pointing to this reference on the other
> thread Matthew.
> Let me try to understand the advantage of the mfs/union method that you
> suggest there.  With that method anything that the system writes to /var/log
> or /var/run ultimately ends up written to the swap partition so that it will
> persist through a reboot... correct?  But *scratching my head trying to figure
> this out* how can that work if the swap partition does not have a newfs'd
> filesystem?

I don't think your changes will last through a reboot.  I think you
would need to modify the lower layer of the union on shutdown.  But I
may be wrong.

I've actually had one or two problems with the unionfs method and
would recommend something more like the method found here:

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