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Re: Addressing logical partitions under an extended partition on amd64

On Jun 6, 2010, at 12:27 26PM, Chavdar Ivanov wrote:

> Hi,
> I am tripple-booting my ThinkPad 61p (W7-64, NetBSD-current amd64 and
> OpenSolaris). A few days ago I had to reinstall the whole thing, as
> the old disk had some really bad areas on it (leftover from an earlier
> system, still worked, but was starting to cause problems; the
> diagnostics flatly failed). Unfortunately W7 uses two primary
> partitions by default (I don't know, there may be a way to avoid it,
> but I didn't bother much with this). NetrBSD is on the third primary
> partition, leaving OpenSolaris on a logical one on the extended,
> behind a 15GB FAT32 partition created to hold some data usable on all
> three of them (I couldn't think of other means of having common data
> between the three, short of a USB stick, which this in a way
> emulates).
> I can access the FAT32 logical partition from W7 and OpenSolaris, but
> for the hell of it can't figure out how to address it under NetBSD, if
> that is possible at all. OpenSolaris finds that on /dev/rdsk/c5t0d0p5.
> Any Ideas?

What is the output of 'disklabel wd0'?  'fdisk wd0'?  If nothing else, if you 
can figure out the sectors you should be able to edit the disklabel to point to 
that partition.

                --Steve Bellovin,

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