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Re: IPMI Tool Serial Over LAN (Zack Brown) writes:

>I'm trying to get serial over LAN working on NetBSD 5.99.24, but I'm having
>trouble figuring out how to redirect tty output to the serial port.

>I've set SOL up on RHEL5, and this was done by adding a few lines to
>menu.lst so grub would redirect the output.  Is there something similar in
>NetBSD that would allow me to do this?

For the MBR boot block there are special versions (mbr_com0, mbr_com0_9600)
of the boot selector code that use the serial port.
Otherwise it uses BIOS I/O, if your BIOS supports redirection to a serial
port so does the standard MBR boot block. The MBR boot block is installed
with fdisk(8).

The primary PBR boot block can be configured (patched) to use the serial
console when installing it with installboot(8). You can also create a
patched version of the network (PXE) boot loader with installboot.
This is the standard way to enable a serial console.

The secondary boot program /boot inherits the console, but it has a config
file /boot.cfg to select a different console. See i386/boot_console(8)
and boot.cfg(5) for details. This is a simple method to chose a console
if you don't need it for the MBR or PBR boot loaders. It is also needed
if you boot NetBSD without boot blocks, e.g. from MSDOS with the dosboot

The kernel will just inherit the console from the boot program. Nothing
to configure here.

For a login on the serial console you need to enable the console
(or nowadays: constty) entry in /etc/ttys.

Hope this helps.
                                Michael van Elst
                                "A potential Snark may lurk in every tree."

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