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Re: multiple RAID sets


> > I'm putting together a file server that will have two different (software)
> > RAID sets: 
> >                                                               But how do I
> > ensure that the proper set is raid0?  Turn off RAID autoconfig on the raid1
> > volumes?

> IIRC, raidframe sets have a "last configured as raidX" field and will auto-
> configure with the same device number next time.

Yes.  If you create the sets in the order that you want them to appear (i.e.
create raid0 before raid1), all will be fine.  If you set them both to
autoconfigure, they will configure themselves with the same number as when
you created them.  I have two servers set up with two RAID sets which are
both autoconfigured and have no problems (I've used 8 RAID sets in a previous
setup to do RAID 0+1 across many disks).



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