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Dear NetBSD users,

I am very impressed with pkgsrc, which I tried yesterday and today for the 
first time seriously.

One problem I did encounter, though, and it remains unsolved: there is no more 
a skype 1.4 port. What should I do best if I want to use skype? - Video is not 
important; sound would be nice, though.

I see the following possibilities:

1. I could kindly ask you to send me skype's archive file, if you have it;
2. I could try to use the new version of skype offered on their website - 
however, this is for Suse 11 and not 10;
3. I could try to use some more ancient version of skype for Windows over wine 
- I have no idea whether sound would work;
4. I could try to install linux in qemu and use skype there - complete 
overkill, not my preferred solution, and I am not even sure whether this would 
work at all.

I am so far opting for first trying possibility 1., in case nothing contradicts 
it from a technical standpoint. So, could someone please send me the archive 

Thank you in advance for your kind help.

Kind regards,

Sicherer, schneller und einfacher. Die aktuellen Internet-Browser -
jetzt kostenlos herunterladen!

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