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Re: ACPI problems

Sad Clouds wrote:
I'm having weird problems with ACPI on NetBSD-5.0_STABLE, running on
dual Pentium 3 machine.

Running 'shutdown -p' sometimes powers off the system and sometimes it
leaves it still running.

I've noticed the following error messages in the log file:

Jan 27 11:34:23 p3smp /netbsd: ACPI Error (hwacpi-0225): Hardware did
not change modes [20080321]
Jan 27 11:34:23 p3smp /netbsd: ACPI Error (evxfevnt-0171): Could not
transition to ACPI mode [20080321]
Jan 27 11:34:23 p3smp /netbsd: ACPI Warning (utxface-0233): AcpiEnable
failed [2 0080321]
Jan 27 11:34:23 p3smp /netbsd: ACPI: unable to enable:

Any idea of this could be a hardware fault or perhaps software related
to NetBSD kernel?

My first bet would be hardware fault, but there's a simple way to test this : try a livecd of you choice (BSD, Linux, etc.) and try a shutdown -hp (BSD) or shutdown -h (Linux)

Best regards,

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