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Re: Jail support? Mult/KAuth approach?

On Sun, Jan 24, 2010 at 05:46:33PM +0000, David Chanters wrote:
> I've tried doing some reading around this, and am simply curious from
> a personal interest POV if there's any information/plans about jail
> implementations for NetBSD.  I specifically mean native jail support
> as opposed to having to run something like Xen; this isn't an answer.
> :)
> I've read about Mult., which AFAIK is about the closest thing to jail
> support?  Unfortunately it seems this has now been discontinued?  At
> least, all indications from this page suggest as much:
> Can someone confirm either way what the status of this is?  Was it
> ever included in NetBSD?

Last message I can see wrt mult is:

Some NetBSD developers talked with Kristaps at AsiaBSDcon in April
2008 about mult, and I've exchanged some email with him since then. 
Would be nice to see it in NetBSD, I agree.
> This talk on Mult was certainly interesting:
> Alternatively, I was supposing it might be possible to do something
> similar with KAuth?  Or is that perhaps not such a good idea?

I'll let some others speak about this one.


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