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Jail support? Mult/KAuth approach?

Hi all,

I've tried doing some reading around this, and am simply curious from
a personal interest POV if there's any information/plans about jail
implementations for NetBSD.  I specifically mean native jail support
as opposed to having to run something like Xen; this isn't an answer.

I've read about Mult., which AFAIK is about the closest thing to jail
support?  Unfortunately it seems this has now been discontinued?  At
least, all indications from this page suggest as much:

Can someone confirm either way what the status of this is?  Was it
ever included in NetBSD?

This talk on Mult was certainly interesting:

Alternatively, I was supposing it might be possible to do something
similar with KAuth?  Or is that perhaps not such a good idea?

Thoughts welcome.  :)


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