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Re: mounting DVD

On Fri, Jan 22, 2010 at 04:37:43PM -0600, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
> I have a DVD disk supposedly containing image files (provided by a 
> photographer). In small printing it shows a part number: 
> cpdr47g-cdmwpo2-114. I think it is a DVD+R, but I don't know.
> I can't mount it. On a NetBSD/amd64 5.0_STABLE (May 11 2009), I 
> get:
>  mount_cd9660: /dev/cd0a on /mnt: Invalid argument
> ktrace tells me:
>  22349      1 mount_cd9660 RET   __mount50 -1 errno 22 Invalid argument
> mount_udf fails with:
> mount_udf: Cannot mount /dev/cd0a on /mnt: Operation not supported by device
> My DVD drive works. I can mount CDs and play DVD videos (with mplayer).
> Any ideas on how to troubleshoot mounting a DVD?

You can use rump_cd9660 (or rump_udf) to single step mounting in
gdb and pinpoint the problem.  You'll need to use the -g versions
of the relevant cd9660 and udf libs and set RUMP_THREADS to 0 in
the environment to workaround NetBSD gdb thread problems.

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