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dlopen and shared library dependencies

I need some clarification about how dlopen handles shared libraries
that have dependencies.  The man page states the following:

     This object provides access to all symbols from an ordered set of
     objects consisting of the original program image and any
     dependencies loaded during startup.

Consider shared library A that depends on (i.e., has undefined symbols
that are resolved by) library B, and that this is all noted within A
with the correct rpath, etc.  If library A is loaded with dlopen, will
library B also be loaded to resolve the symbols or will the symbols
just be unresolved?  If the latter, must A be constructed in such a
way as to include all the relevant objects from B?  If so, how is that

What is the correct solution to this situation of one library loaded
by dlopen that depends on another?

Thanks for your help.


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