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Re: Substantial COMPAT_LINUX changes in netbsd-5?

> | > | Broke into DDB on the console, and here's the two stack backtraces
> | > | for these two processes:
> | >
> | > Can you try LK_CANRECURSE in nfs_root()? Not that it is a real fix? Can 
> you
> | > try dumping who owns the locks for the nfs root vnode?
> |
> | Shouldn't LOCKDEBUG (or one of smaller hammers) catch 
> locking-against-myself?
> It should and it does I think; this is why we should dump who owns the locks.

Can you outline exactly how we go about doing that?  Which
address in the stack backtraces do we pass to "show lock <address>"?


- Håvard

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