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Re: Running a sustainable source code NetBSD system

On 1/14/10 12:24 PM, Stripes the Tiger Cub wrote:
This works perfect. I don't use the pkg_comp environment, but I was able
to get this working on my test box using the stable branch.

What do you do when the next stable branch comes out? Do you just change
the branch and check it out again and run through the pkg_chk &&
pkg_rolling-replace again?

You can do it via update. For instance, when pkgsrc-2009Q4 gets tagged any day now, I will do a cvs update with the new tag just once, then the nightly update will always update that tag.

  # cvs -q update -r pkgsrc-2009Q4 -dP

This will mark all the directories in the tree with the new tag.

Also, what do you do when it comes to upgrading the base system? It
looks like that can be done from the CD, but I've never done that before.

Similarly, I update the base system from source on one system then do binary upgrades to the others. Building the system from source is well documented in the NetBSD Guide, and you can also just use the binary snapshots from NetBSD.

To do the binary updates, I do this:

  # cd /
  # mv netbsd netbsd.old
  # ftp -o "|pax -zrvpe" ftp://server/path/to/sets/kern-GENERIC.tgz
  # shutdown -r now

It's best to reboot to make sure the new kernel works!

If the new kernel doesn't work you can use "boot netbsd.old" at the bootloader's prompt. But this is rare.

  # cd /
  # for i in base comp games man misc text tests ;do
  >   ftp -o "|pax -zrvpe" ftp://server/path/to/sets/${i}.tgz
  > done

This will download and unpack all the new sets. DO NOT DO THE etc.tgz set or you'll wipe out many of your local settings!!! We do the etc.tgz afterwards...

  # cd /tmp
  # ftp ftp://server/path/to/sets/etc.tgz
  # etcupdate -s /tmp/etc.tgz

This will walk you through all changes to the system settings and gives you the opportunity to merge your old settings in with the new.

That's it! Usually takes about 1 hour tops.


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