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Best handheld/palmtop device for NetBSD


I am not so sure if this question belongs to this particular mailing
list but as tech-embed seems dead, here I go.

I am after a handheld/palmtop device in which I can run a working
minimal X system (tiled wm, or something really light. Enough to start
a browser, notepad and few more apps) with decent networking support
(ssh, tcpdump and misc security tools), pretty much what
OpenBSD/Zaurus offers (which seems to support everything in the device
even if its not under heavy development recently, as stated by cvs
logs). The Zaurus SL-C3X00 series looks like a winning option but
unluckily Zaurus devices are very rare and hard to find and afford.

So, after spending quite some time with FreeBSD and OpenBSD, I want to
learn and give NetBSD a try. Being NetBSD the most portable OS and
having quality code, I think it can be a better OS for the device I am
seeking for and offer support for more devices (OpenBSD _only_
supports zaurus) as well as good performance.

Does anyone know about a fully supported device, which I can find
_easily_ in Europe?
I am not a hardware person so I dont know much about processor
families and what they should be capable of. Does anyone have
experience with such devices under NetBSD?

Thanks in advance,


PS: I am not suscribed to the list, please CC me when replying

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