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Re: FastCGI

OK, well I think I'm beginning to understand the relationship between a web 
server and fastCGI application. What's a bit annoying is the lack of clear and 
concise documentation. After reading fastCGI specification time and time 
again, I think I finally understand how it's supposed to work and can start 
implementing it in C.

What I'm still confused about are the following:

FastCGI defines various "roles" for applications - Responder, Authoriser and 
Filter. I think most fastCGI applications run as Responders. Is there any 
value in Authoriser and Filter? Are these roles supported by PHP, Perl, 
Python, or any other scripting languages?

FastCGI has support for multiplexing multiple requests over a single TCP 
connections. Is this supported by any web applications?

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