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I tried subscribing to FastCGI-developers list, however 2 hours later I'm 
still waiting for the auth. email. So I thought I'd ask here in case someone 

I'm reading FastCGI specification and have a few questions in regard how a web 
server and FastCGI applications inter operate.

1. When a web server reads HTTP request for something like *.php file, does it 
pass all HTTP headers + client data to php-cgi, or does it remove some of the 

2. When php-cgi writes a response, it passes it back to the web server. Does 
web server prepend its own HTTP headers and send it to the client? Is there 
some sort of agreement between web servers and FastCGI applications who is 
responsible for what headers?

3. Assume web server runs on one machine and distributes the load to many php-
cgi instances on different machines. Is there some sort of mechanism for web 
server to control the number of requests sent to each instance (depending on 
currents load, free memory, etc) and explicit shutdown of runaway CGI 


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