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Re: raidframe on a removable volume

funnily enough I was in this position myself this morning - I tend to
only have the one RAID slice on my disks, so recreating a raid.conf was
reasonably simple ... once that was done, I was able to use raidctl -C
raid.conf raid<n> and it was reconfigured ...

as it happens, the data on there wasn't important to me and I nuked the
drive, so I don't know what knock-on effects that has on the filesystems
within the RAID volume - the main one I've encountered in the past was
where the RAID volume remembers the device name it had previously when
next it comes to be auto-configured ... with all the usual pain that
causes your fstab ...

This is in general a Good Thing but I'd suggest it might be useful to
enhance raidctl to be able view/modify settings on a non-configured RAID
set so that this can be fixed up ... 

raidctl -G can rebuild a config file if you have to from a configured
RAID set, but this isn't much use if it can't be auto-detected in the
first place, as you suggest ... 


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