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'boot -a' failing

For various reasons, I'd like to do 'boot -a' to move the root volume to wd2a.  
I could just build a special kernel, but that would be a nuisance for a 
short-lived situation.  (The BIOS will boot the drive I want, but NetBSD thinks 
that that drive is wd2.  I can make the BIOS think that it's the third drive, 
but this BIOS will only boot from the first hard drive.)

The problem I'm having is that 'boot -a' isn't working.  I get the prompt, but 
it won't listen to either the PS/2 or USB keyboards.  Sometimes, with the PS/2 
keyboard, I get a message about start_pkcb start failing.  In any event, 
nothing I type seems to have any effect.  This is 5.0.1/amd64.  Any suggestions?

                --Steve Bellovin,

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