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Re: A question of RAID

Greg Troxel wrote:

>>> I always go for RAIDframe and RAID-1; disks are free compared to
>>> labor hours.  I have used it for a long time, probably 2001ish, and
>>> it's been solid.  One of the benefits is that a NetBSD kernel with
>>> EITHER of those disks in any random box will work.
>> Sounds good. But how about the performance? A 1.6 GHz Atom 330 is not
>> the fastest, and it has to serve many SQL, POP3 and HTTP requests at
>> once. Would I notice a massive slowdown compared to the
>> hardware-approach?
> I first used this on a 1.6 GHz athlon in 2001 - CPU will not be a
> problem.  RAID-1 writes to both disks and reads from one or the other,
> and doesn't do anything complicated.

Thanks. I will go for RAIDframe then.

Frank Wille

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