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Hi Morgan!

>-1. Is it necessary to have VT technologie in the processeur ?
Depending what technology you will chose.
If you choose VMware, this is not mandatory. If you shoose MS HyperV or
Xen - yes, your processor should have built-in virtualization support

>-2. Is it necessary to have a modified file/kernell to install it in the VM ?

again depends on the platform, which will choose

>-3. How many VM can we build ? (15 would be good for me)
>-4. Does th server need to be a SMP, or a quad core single proc, or a bi
>quad core ?
>-5. What is the minimum ram for each VM ?

I think if your goal is to maintaining 10+ vm the best choise is
something like this:

CPU.......4 x Intel quad core CPU server (this should be enough for 15
and more VMs)
RAM......2GB x every VM + 1 GB for hosted platform
HDD......depending of needs of every VM, but 50-80 Gb x every VM should
be enough.
Perhaps some external SAN is best storage solution for your needs.

My preferences are to VMware ESXi server (for bare bone installation)
At the end, I want to clarify that this is my personal opinion based on
experience and I do not claim that the most faithful.

Best regards

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