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Re: NetBSD macros

Masao Uebayashi <> wrote:

> How many kind of interfaces do you need?  If you're not going to
> write a software which can run on top of either GNOME or KDE or
> whatever, you won't need autoconf, but only a subset of it.  Go for
> writing your-own-configure script.  The config.h would have only a
> few HAVE_XXX.

Why reinvent the wheel? autoconf does exactly that - check whether
specified functions and headers are available and defining HAVE_XXX. It
does not make much sense to write those checks manually when there are
already checks you can just use that have been tested hundreds of times
on hundreds of systems.

autoconf is not slow per se. It is that most add unncessary checks so
that it takes very long. It is perfectly possible to only add that
single check you need.

Oh, and for the GNOME or KDE stuff, the opposite is the case: You
almost always DON'T need to check for specific functions, because both,
glib and Qt, provide you with everything you should need in 99% of the
cases. And they guarantee the functions are available on every OS. The
only check you'd maybe need is for the glib/Qt version.


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