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Re: NetBSD macros

> There is not much else you can do apart from writing code like:
> #if NetBSD && NetBSD_Version >= 5.0
>       use NetBSD atomic_ops
> #elif Solaris
>       use Solaris atomic_ops
> #elif Linux
>       use Linux atomic_ops
> #else
>       use pthread_mutex_lock
> #endif

How many kind of interfaces do you need?  If you're not going to write a
software which can run on top of either GNOME or KDE or whatever, you won't
need autoconf, but only a subset of it.  Go for writing your-own-configure
script.  The config.h would have only a few HAVE_XXX.

Code would look like:
        #include "portable_ops.h"
        #include "config.h"
        #ifdef NETBSD
        #include "portable_ops_netbsd.h"
        #define PORTABLE_OPS_ATOMIC_ADD_32      atomic_add32()


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