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Re: Resolver problems

2009/12/4 Robert Elz <>:
> Of course, I believe that now an alternative solution (avoiding using the
> broken router as a DNS cache) has been implemented, [...]

Yes, it has. I now use "bind" in its default configuration as
recommended by Matthias together with the modifications to
/etc/rc.d/named and /etc/rc.d/ntpdate (again in one of Matthias'

> [...] (though, Ingolf, you
> could tell us what the broken router is, so everyone else can at least know
> to avoid the thing should it ever be a candidate to be installed).

Its a non-name router (apparently some Sphairon hardware) supplied by
my provider. Neither the (sparse) documentation nor the provider claim
to support anything having to do with IPv6.

Thanks to you all for your kind support!


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