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Re: calendar (1) and possible changes

Another "bug" in calendar:

Tab spacing additional entry lines doesn't always work (try adding a line,
then editing it) when using just the name of the weekday for the event
date; you have to include the weekday name for each additional entry line
UNLESS you have want to the 1st character of the entry to be 0-9; For
example, "thu[TAB]10am" doesn't work; "thu[TAB]at 10am" does.

Some examples...

#this works:

tue     --------
tue     Line one
tue     Line 2
tue     Line 3

#this doesn't work:

tue     --------
tue     Line one
tue     2nd Line        << gets left out
        3rd Line        << sometimes gets left out

#this doesn't work:

tue     --------
tue     Line one
        Line two        << sometimes gets left out
tue     3rd Line        << gets left out

Thanks in advance to everyone working on this issue!

Jeff W.

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