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Proper workaround of an iface route to pppoe


According to pppoe(4):

           #! /sbin/route add default -iface
     The commented out call to route(8) may be omitted and the route
     added in
     the ip-up script called by ifwatchd(8) when the real IP address is
     This is easy in the ``connect always'' mode (link1 not set), but
     hard to
     accomplish in the ``dial on demand'' mode (link1 set).  In the
     case adding an iface route is an easy workaround.

The 'easy workaround' must remember the dynamic IP and delete its iface
to be able to renew it when the interface is going up again.

¿Some ideas for this workaround?

César Catrián Carreño
  César Catrián C.

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