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Re: dhcpcd(8) setup problems

Hauke Fath <> wrote:

> I gather that dhcpcd backgrounds itself right after being started, 
> then continues to try and acquire an IP address.

Um, dhcpd is a DHCP /server/, and hands out IP addresses.  Are
you wanting to do that?  If your machine is only a client (i.e.
only wants an IP address to be allocated from some other server)
then you don't need to run dhcpd, just dhclient.

> dhclient, OTOH, just works.

... which should be getting you an IP address assigned, which
the other network daemons will be using.

> What important bits am I missing?

Hard to be sure.  Possibly that dhclient and dhcpd are doing
different things, and you run either (or rarely, both) depending
on your network configuration.

If this response doesn't answer your questions, post again with
some more information about what you're trying to do and what
your network configuration is (and perhaps attach the dhcpd
and dhclient configuration files) and someone will see what
the problem is, I'm sure.

Hope this helps,


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