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Re: softdeps and NetBSD 6.0

Aaron J. Grier wrote:
On Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 04:51:22PM -0700, Dieter wrote:
>From the discussion softdeps obviously works well for others, it
isn't just me.
There is no reason to remove softdeps.  It is optional, those who
don't like it don't have to run it.

Why not actaully try WAPBL before writing it off. I've switch several of my systems over from softdep to WAPBL since upgrading to NetBSD 5 and in all cases the performance change has been unnoticable. Oh and my testing hasn't all been on fast machines with multiple cores big piles of memory either the journaled FS is as the same speed as softdep on my 64MB acorn32 machine as well. The speed of reboot with journaling is wonderful. A machine that used to take 20mins if I had to fsck the fs on a reboot now comes up in a minute instead.

just like nobody can force you to a newer version of NetBSD, you can't
force the maintainers to continue dealing with the softdeps code.

they don't want to deal with the maintenance.  do you?

As someone who writes software for a living if removing softdep reduces the complexity of the FFS code then its a good thing. Especially if the journaling code that replaces it is less complex and easier to maintain. Simpler code usually has less bugs in it! Less bugs when it comes to filesystems is a good thing.


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