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Re: softdeps and NetBSD 6.0

> > Those who prefer journaling and its problems are welcome to it.
> > My question is not why allow journeling, but why remove softdeps?
> > Journeling is NOT a substitute for softdeps.
>    See
> and the follow-ups.

That discussion raises various questions but I don't see any answers.
For example:
} I had some vague memory that the softdep code had additional development
} under FreeBSD and that it works well there.
} If that is true, is there any hope of importing those fixes into NetBSD?

Softdeps works well for me on both NetBSD and FreeBSD.  Without softdeps
I lost data, not just once but many times on multiple machines over the years.
With softdeps I don't lose data.  For awhile I was forced to run linux
on one machine to get a device driver I needed, and the penguin ate my data.
Thankfully FreeBSD now has a driver for that device and I am once again penguin
free.  FFS with softdeps is the only filesystem that doesn't eat my data.

From the discussion softdeps obviously works well for others, it isn't just me.

There is no reason to remove softdeps.  It is optional, those who don't
like it don't have to run it.

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