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Re: "cannot mount root, error = 79"


On Wed, Sep 23, 2009 at 5:35 PM, haad <> wrote:
> Just write what you have done in a sane way and ask on www@ if they
> can help you with committing your stuff into the guide.

Thanks. I'll try when I have time, maybe in one or two weeks.


>> Finally, I successfully boot the i386 machine with 5.99.18 kernel (and 
>> modules).
>> I didn't understand thathwas
>> kernel binary (/netbsd) itself doesn't load modules, but
>> boot loader does.

I can boot default netbsd kernel for i386 with grub only, no boot(8) used.
Is that mean the default kernel was built with MONOLITHIC option?

By 'default netbsd kernel," I mean the kernel installed with install CDs.


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