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Re: "cannot mount root, error = 79"

On Sun, Sep 20, 2009 at 01:31:11AM +0900, Kentaro KAWAMOTO wrote:
> Thank you, all.
> I have never installed any modules.
> No wonder it doesn't work.
> I read "The NetBSD Guide"
> ( )
> again, but couldn't find anything about making kernel modules.
> I tried building ones using, but in vain.
> ---
> $ cd /usr/src
> $ ./ -a i386 modules
> ERROR: MACHINE_ARCH 'i386' does not support MACHINE 'amd64'
> ---
> Please let me know how to build kernel modules,
> or some documents about that.

Uh, this seriously isn't documented yet? People, that sucks. What did
you *use to* say about comitting features without documentation??

Check your destdir, there should be a stand/ subdir. Place its contents
into /stand before booting the new kernel 
(e.g., rooty, cp -pR ${DESTDIR}/stand /). The stand dir used to be
part of the base.tgz set but I think it was recently changed to some
other random set (where it should be really part of kern-XXX.tgz !).
I'll better shut up now, I loathe modules and it begins to show. Good luck.


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