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Remote ethernet briding

I have a situation where i have 2 sides of a firewall:

open side-------------|firewall|------closed side

For various reasons including old kit I need to set up a tunnel to replicate
at the ethernet level all the traffic on the closed side to somewhere that can
only be connected to the open side.  So I want to do

NetBsd box 1----- open side---------|firewall|-----closed side-----NetBsd Box

The NetBsd box 1 has 2 ethernet cards in it and I want to bridge all the
ethernet trafic on the closed side to the ethernet port not connected to the
open side.  NetBsd box 1 does not need to route ip.

I have tride various combinations of setting up a gif tunnel but all fail when
I come to add the gif interface into a bridge.  The error I get is brconfig:
add gif0: Invalid arguement

I have also tried with using an etherip but cannot get to ifconfig etherip0
create as this fails.

I suspect that this may not be in the default kernel.

can anyone assist or point me in the right directon?  A google does not help

this is on the latest version of NetBSD 5.0.1 downloaded a few days ago.

Thanks ja kittos.

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