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Re: "cannot mount root, error = 79"

On Sat, Sep 19, 2009 at 05:47:09PM +0200, Markus W Kilbinger wrote:
> >>>>> "Kentaro" == Kentaro KAWAMOTO <> 
> >>>>> writes:
>     Kentaro> Hi, I have two NetBSD machines: one with NetBSD 5.99.16
>     Kentaro> (amd64), the other with NetBSD 5.0.1 (i386). I
>     Kentaro> cross-compiled a new kernel on the amd64 machine for the
>     Kentaro> i386, and copy the binary (netbsd) to the i386 machine.
>     Kentaro> [...]
>     Kentaro> no file system for wd0 (dev 0x0) cannot mount
>     Kentaro> root, error = 79 root device (default wd0a): 
>     Kentaro> Why does it fail to find a file system on wd0. It must
>     Kentaro> exist because it can boot with the older kernel (NetBSD
>     Kentaro> 5.0.1).
> In case you are running a MODULAR kernel:
> Did you update kernel modules, too?

I have the impression this is becoming a FAQ item ...

Q: "Why do I get 'cannot mount root, error = 79' when booting?"
A: You have been bitten by modules. Please make sure you install the
   correct version of the modules next to the kernel. Note that after
   a version bump of the kernel you need to update modules too. If
   you feel you can't be bothered and like the wise old-school way of
   having your own damped down kernel, start with MONOLITHIC as
   a template instead of GENERIC.


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