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Re: NetBSD on a database server - WAPBL, softdeps

Thor Lancelot Simon <> wrote:
> I'm suggesting that long boots after system failure *simply won't happen*
> with sane disk layout and database design.  Even an FFS filesystem of
> many terabytes will fsck very quickly if it contains only the very small
> number of directories and files that a properly designed database uses.

Agree about fsck speed on very different contents, but database would still
do some data segmentation, e.g. PostgreSQL default for data is 1GB and 16MB
for transaction log (it's way smaller anyway), IIRC.  However, recover time
requirements are strict, hence - would "very quickly" be "quick enough" on
multi-terabyte database?

> Databases journal their data themselves.  They don't need help from the
> filesystem to do it, generally speaking.

Sure, but that was not my point.


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