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Re: Filesystem info database tool

Andy Ruhl <> wrote:

> I'd like to have some tool that scans my filesystems once in a while
> and inserts all relevant data into a database (postgresql or mysql or
> something). I don't really care about a nice graphical interface at
> this point. Just something that does the scan, inserts the data, and
> then I can build my own reports after that.
> Any ideas?

Not sure this is what you're after...


# cat DESCR
  Glimpse  (which  stands  for GLobal IMPlicit SEarch)
  is an indexing and  query  system  that  allows
  you  to  search through all your files very quickly.
  For example, finding 296 lines containing 'whitehouse'
  in 8750 files  occupying 104MB  took  6 seconds on
  a SUN Sparc 5.  Glimpse supports most of agrep's
  options (agrep is our powerful version  of grep)
  including  approximate matching (e.g., finding mis-
  spelled words), Boolean queries,  and  even  some
  limited forms of regular expressions.  It is used
  in the same way, except that you don't have to
  specify file names.  So,  if you are looking for a
  needle anywhere in your file system, all you have
  to do is say glimpse  needle  and  all  lines
  containing needle will appear preceded by the file

It's console-only and has _no_ run dependencies.


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