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Re: Can't build bootable install dvd on 5.0

On Aug 08/24/09 at 5:10 AM, "Matthias Scheler" <> 

> Please try "./ release iso-image". 

Did that, which produces: 

[su]: file /usr/src/BUILD_OBJ/BIGBOX/releasedir/iso/i386cd.iso 
/usr/src/BUILD_OBJ/BIGBOX/releasedir/iso/i386cd.iso: ISO 9660 CD-ROM 
filesystem data 'NETBSD_501_PATCH ' (bootable) 

bigbox[su]: ls -l /usr/src/BUILD_OBJ/BIGBOX/releasedir/iso/ 
total 170096 
-r--r--r-- 1 root wheel 174108672 Aug 25 10:57 i386cd.iso 

> The ".iso" file will be build in the "iso" subdirectory of the 
> release directory (which you configure with the "-R" option). 

I changed -R to -r, it seemed reasonable. 

[sh}: mkisofs -o /tmp/cd1a -b i386cd.iso -l -J -r -allow-leading-dots \ 
Warning: creating filesystem that does not conform to ISO-9660. 
Size of boot image is 340056 sectors -> mkisofs: Error - boot image 
'/usr/src/BUILD_OBJ/BIGBOX/releasedir/iso/i386cd.iso' has not an allowable 

Perhaps, should I be using some other files? 

[su]: file 
/usr/src/BUILD_OBJ/BIGBOX/releasedir/i386/installation/floppy/boot-big.fs: x86 
boot sector 

[su]: file /usr/src/BUILD_OBJ/BIGBOX/releasedir/iso/* 
/usr/src/BUILD_OBJ/BIGBOX/releasedir/iso/i386cd.iso: ISO 9660 
CD-ROM filesystem data 'NETBSD_501_PATCH ' (bootable) 

I seem to be having a senior week. Where am I going wrong with this? 


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