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I know I'm foolish to even attempt this, but I thought I'd try and see is I
could run Gnome on NetBSD.  So far, no luck.  I have done a "make install"
in /usr/pkgsrc/meta-pkgs/gnome2, and it appears that all packages,
(ridiculous amounts as only Gnome can), are built.  I've set my ".xinitrc"
file to "exec /usr/pkg/bin/gnome-session."  I cannot find a correct syntax
to launch dbus from rc.conf, though I've tried "dbus-launch=YES", which
appears to do nothing.  Even if I manually start dbus-launch from root, when
I try to run startx with the above mentioned .xinitrc file I get an error,
"CRITICAL: dbus_g_connection_get_connection: assertion 'gconnection'
I don't know if I need "devd" or "hald" somehow loaded at boot up time, but
I would appreciate any guidance.  Thanks

P.S. I'm using NetBSD 5.0 on an Athlon Duron MSI motherboard.

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