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Re: Framebuffer / splashscreen support

On 8/24/09, Elric <> wrote:
> Hi guys!
>  Have you ever seen those nice Linux splashscreen ?
>  I would like to have something similar on my netbsd boxes but i don't
>  really know how to do it.
>  There is an *official* or at least recent way to get a splash screen
>  during the boot time, and a way to have a framebuffer (something like
>  the vga=792 linux boot option) under netbsd ?

There used to be vesafb and splash under NetBSD 4, but I think they
were replaced by genfb and ???.  Sorry, I've used genfb with much
success to get a more vga-style console but I'm not sure how to do the
splash screen in 5+.

Let's hope someone can share the missing piece,

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