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Re: Syslog NG reporting to logserver cluster?

Hi Chuck,

thanks for your answer.

- snip -

- is it possible to configure buffers (RAM, disk) where undeliverable messages are buffered until they can be delivered?

Any hint or help is appreciated.

Logging via a local filesystem domain socket (ie, /var/run/log or similar) is much more reliable that logging over remote network sockets. You might find adjusting sysctl kern.ipc.somaxconn and/or upping the second argument to listen() call in your syslogd will help.
I'm sorry for having been too unspecific, I thought of the case that the central log server is crashed, not under heavy load. Rsyslog (as a client) has methods of buffering syslog messages until the central log server can be reached again.
Is that something that can be done with Syslog NG as well?


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