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Re: [newbie] replacing applications in the Base set?

On Tue, Aug 18, 2009 at 01:04:40PM -0500, Andrew Gould wrote:
> When updating the system, can you opt not to compile certain software
> with options in a make.conf file?  (For example, in FreeBSD you can
> opt not to build lpr.)

Yes.  But you can't _replace_ it.  And it's noteworthy that the
MKXYZ= features are really meant for producing special-purpose minimal
systems and, secondarily, for speeding up the build during repeated
development cycles.  As such, if you set any of them to non-default
values, all kinds of stuff won't work precisely because it expects
that NetBSD version X will contain executables or libraries Y and Z:
for example, a lot of packages in pkgsrc.

Thor Lancelot Simon                               
    "Even experienced UNIX users occasionally enter rm *.* at the UNIX
     prompt only to realize too late that they have removed the wrong
     segment of the directory structure." - Microsoft WSS whitepaper

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