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Re: java plugin for native firefox

Andrew Gould <> schrieb:
> I have flash and java plugins working for the linux version of
> firefox, and I have the mplayer plugins working for the native version
> of firefox.  Both versions of firefox work well, but I'd like to have
> all of the plugins working on one version and I'd like my downloads to
> be saved in the native directory tree as opposed to the linux
> compatibility tree.
> I have installed openjdk, but I can't find the web plugin.
> Is there a way to get a java plugin working with the native version of
> firefox?  (I can do without the flash plugin.)

Have you tried running nspluginwrapper on the java plugin for the linux
version? This worked for me in the case of RealPlayerGold, for which there
does not seem to be a seperate plugin package.

Dennis den Brok

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