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fssconfig(8) newbie seeks enlightenment.

  Dear enlightened community... :)

I just set up an old PC as a NAS box at home, to get some RAID1 redundance and be able to share fs between boxes. This got me thinking that I should take the chance to protect myself against the silliest user errors, too...

What I would like to accomplish is periodical, fully persistent CoW snapshots of the fs in dated directories, rotated as needed:

/storage                - The NFS-exported RAID1 volume.
/storage/20090817       - CoW snapshot of /storage/!([0-9]{8})
/storage/20090816       - ...

I don't quite understand from fssconfig(8) if fss can do this for me, or if it's possible at all, but any ideas as to how to accomplish the above in a space-efficient CoW manner would be great.


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