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Re: long time firefox & thunderbird problems

matthew sporleder wrote:
> I remember a tiny and blank window used to show up in firefox on osx
> as like an off-screen controller or something.

   Yes, it has some title which indicates that it's some proxy window of
some sorts.

> Using gimp to remedy
> your problem makes me suspect something in your gtk environment more
> than your firefox/thunderbird environment.

   Yes, that's what I thought in the beginning; some gtk heap getting
corrupted, or something. But considering I've gone through different
versions of gtk, and I couldn't find any referenced to anyone else
having this particular problem. I started believing it was some software
combination I had. I was foolish enough not to blame WindowMaker ("since
only firefox and thunderbird are affected, it can't be WindowMaker", I
was thinking). But it appears to have been just that.

> Have you tried ktruss-ing your invocation of firefox and seeing where it 
> stops?

   Yes, but I currently don't remember where exactly. I may check and
file a PR, just for the record. But I've simply abandoned WindowMaker
for now, and it seems to have helped.

Kind regards,
Jan Danielsson

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