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Re: Need to chmod CD device to use from users.

David DEMELIER wrote:
Hello NetBSD people,

Yesterday, I wanted to extract a musical CD with cdparanoia, the
device used was /dev/rcd1d with -crw-r----- root operator, so because
the operator group can `read' the device, I added my user to this
group but no changes, cdparanoia still says `permission denied'.

I stumbled across the Chapter 13 of the Guide which advice to chmod
the device by invoking: chmod go+rw /dev/cd0a, so I did it with all
the /dev/rcd*.

It works but I wanted to know why do we need to chmod the device if
the groupe operator exists ?

You say you added yourself to the operator group. How did you do that? Did you just edit /etc/group? Did you log out and in again afterwards? The thing is, what groups you belong to are set up at login time, and any changes to the file isn't reflected on already logged in users. You can check which groups you are a member of right now with the command groups.

So, no, you shouldn't have changed the protection. :-)


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