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Re: dump won't dump an fss snapshot on netbsd-5

Hi Juergen,

Juergen Hannken-Illjes wrote:
On Sun, Jul 26, 2009 at 10:13:09PM -0400, Louis Guillaume wrote:
I just updated the machine connected to my tape drive from netbsd-4 (stable) to netbsd-5 (stable). Now dump will not back up my fss snapshots...

The /dev/fss? devices will not allow multiple opens.  To dump a snapshot
please use the -x / -X flags.  In your example it would be:

    dump -L maat-home -b 32 -0eautf /dev/nrst0 -x /var/tmp/maat-home /home

This appears to work properly, however I have no indication that a snapshot was made or even used aside from this:

[16:42:52 EDT] DUMP: Dumping a snapshot of /dev/rld0g (/home) to /dev/nrst0

Is it safe to assume that I don't have to create the snapshot with fssconfig first? And that dump takes care of that for us? It's not really clear in dump(8).

Another thing - fss in general (both via dump and by itself) is considered "experimental" but I haven't had much trouble with this until now. Is this because there has been limited testing? Limited resources to maintain/develop it? Perhaps it's not as stable on ports other than i386.

I consider this a very important feature and would like to see it considered "stable". It would also be good to get rid of some ironic (albeit funny) documentation in the manual, such as:

  -x snap-backup
     Use a snapshot with snap-backup as backup for this dump.  See
     fss(4) for more details.  Snapshot support is experimental.  Be
     sure you have a backup before you use it.

... from the dump(8) page.

Thanks for your help. Any further clarifications would be most appreciated.


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