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root to ahab?

Dear all,

I have a question on whether a certain idea which I had would have negative 
implications on the system or whether it is just... neutral, what I so far 
suppose. I did the following command to change root's login name to the 
Melville's Ahab:

usermod -l ahab root

... and it worked. - Frankly speaking, I saw no change at all, only that root 
was now ahab. Is this a good idea? - I mean, if someone attacks your system 
from the outside, he would this way not even know which account he wants; you 
could infact install a totally harmless user named "root", not even member of 
wheel, and thus guide everyone into it. I am not very well-versed in these 
matters, it was just a funny idea... but if it is a bad one, please tell me.

Kind regards,

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