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Can't build version 5 kernel

I am setting up a version 5 system from scratch.  I burned the V5 iso
and successfully installed it on the targeted computer, an old HP
Pavilion 7955.  While the GENERIC kernel can see the NICs, it gets
an error (can't map device registers) and the NICs aren't available.

I looked into generating a custom kernel.  I downloaded the source
sets and put them on the target system and created a new configuration
file to enable some PCI fixups that I though might be useful.

I then followed the instructions in Chapter 31 of the NetBSD Guide to
the new kernel.  I keep getting ioconf.o (.data+0x6238): undefined reference

to 'stfattach'

Does anyone have any suggestions on what could be going wrong?

Michael D. Spence
Mockingbird Data Systems, Inc.

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