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Re: using in src subdirectories

  Can I somehow persuade the same machinery that ` install=/'
  uses to install only those parts that are relevant to the subtree that
  I wanted to rebuild?

What I do is do a full build on one machine after updating along a
branch, and then use INSTALL-NetBSD from sysutils/etcmanage to write
those bits (the entire bits) over the running system on another machine.

I find this easier and safer - and faster overall - than mucking with
partial builds and getting it wrong.

To make /usr/src work on nfs mounts etc., I'd put the sources at
/usr/ANONCVS/src on one machine, and symlink that path to the
/nfs/foo/usr/ANONCVS/src on the other, so the absolute paths work.  Also
try USETOOLS=no to avoid $TOOLDIR.

But really, my advice is to give up on the notion that partial builds
are what you want.

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