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Re: Application runs on 4.0, crashes with 5.0 ld.elf_so

In Message <>,
   Eric Haszlakiewicz <>wrote:

=> wrote:
=>> Eric Haszlakiewicz <>wrote:
=>> => Any luck getting this working?  I just tried to install kmymoney2 and
=>> => I'm having the same problem.  I have qt3-libs-3.3.8nb8 and
=>> => kmymoney2-0.8.6nb3
=>> => installed, which seem to be the most recent versions.
=>> => Is this a bug in qt3-libs, or in ld.elf_so?
=>> => Which change in ld.elf_so are you talking about?  headers.c 1.24?
=>> =>
=>> => eric
=>>    It was the change to do init/fini in order from December 7, 2007, as
=>> part of bin/37347. The workaround is in qt3-libs-3.3.8nb9, so an update
=>> should get kmymoney2 working.
=>ah, I didn't notice the pkgsrc version was newer than the pre-built 
=>version.  I guess I'll need to build from source.  It's bit 
=>inconvenient, but hopefully I can just build that one package.  Thanks 
=>for the pointer!

   Ah. I always do source, so I don't think about it.

=>>    While I'm here, you might also want to take a look at
=>> wip/kmymoney2-devel and wip/kmymoney2-cvs. They point to the 0.9
=>> feature branch which is looking pretty good.
=>mmm... more building from source... I've been trying to avoid doing that 
=>unless I'm actually doing some development, since it usually seems like 
=>a waste of time, but I suppose I'll take a look at what's new.  Is there 
=>any particular killer feature that's been added in the new branch?

   Budgeting, charts, moving transactions across accounts, general
cleanup, and a cleaner look and feel. On the other hand, I noticed
some minor bugs in the 0.9.3 (devel) release, and of course the CVS
version is unstable, so I haven't switched yet. Hopefully 1.0 will
be out soon, but until then 0.9.3 is an interesting preview.

                                        Gary Duzan

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