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Re: Application runs on 4.0, crashes with 5.0 ld.elf_so wrote:
=> Gary Duzan wrote:
=>>For anyone following along, I found that a change to ld.elf_so back in
=>> December 2007 is what is triggering the cores. There is code in
=>> x11/qt3-libs which works around the problem for Solaris, MacOS, HP-UX,
=>> and AIX, and I'm looking into getting NetBSD added to the list.
=> Any luck getting this working?  I just tried to install kmymoney2 and
=> I'm having the same problem.  I have qt3-libs-3.3.8nb8 and
=> kmymoney2-0.8.6nb3
=> installed, which seem to be the most recent versions.
=> Is this a bug in qt3-libs, or in ld.elf_so?
=> Which change in ld.elf_so are you talking about?  headers.c 1.24?
=> eric

   It was the change to do init/fini in order from December 7, 2007, as
part of bin/37347. The workaround is in qt3-libs-3.3.8nb9, so an update
should get kmymoney2 working.

ah, I didn't notice the pkgsrc version was newer than the pre-built version. I guess I'll need to build from source. It's bit inconvenient, but hopefully I can just build that one package. Thanks for the pointer!

   While I'm here, you might also want to take a look at
wip/kmymoney2-devel and wip/kmymoney2-cvs. They point to the 0.9
feature branch which is looking pretty good.

mmm... more building from source... I've been trying to avoid doing that unless I'm actually doing some development, since it usually seems like a waste of time, but I suppose I'll take a look at what's new. Is there any particular killer feature that's been added in the new branch?


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