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Re: remote upgrade of a dom0

  I have a remote machine running 4.0 and xentools/xenkernel 3.1.4.  I'd
  like to upgrade the dom0 to 5.0 and xenkernel to 3.3.1nb1.  To
  complicate matters, the two disks are RAIDed.  The question is how to do
  the upgrade safely, given that the machine in question is 400km from

  I have remote serial console access; there's also a power bar for
  giving the machine a good solid kick in the reset button.

I do remote upgrades (of machines I could get to if I had to) pretty
often, using the INSTALL-NetBSD script in pkgsrc/sysutils/etcmanage.
Beyond that, there's updating boot blocks.  I would get the machine to
up-to-date 4.0 bootblocks first, and then move it to 5.0 kernel, and
then 5.0 userland, and then change the xen version.

You still might end up needing to boot off a cd, but it seems likely to
be doable.

If you have RAID-1 and boot off it with out non-raid partitions, so /
when mounted is the boot area, that shouldn't hurt.

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