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Re: No man pages on new 5.0 install from CD?

On Sat, 13 Jun 2009, Eric d'Alibut wrote:

> I guess the subject says most of it.
> I grabbed the 5.0 install iso, burned a disk, and a few minutes later
> was very happily booting into a brandy new netbsd installation!
> But, e.g.:
> # man ls
> man: no entry for ls in the manual.
> Thoughts?

What sets did you choose? Defaults? Custom sets? Maybe you accidently 
unselected the "man" set or you chose a minimal install or a custom set 
(not Full)?

 The minimal installation just selects a kernel (GENERIC
 on most platforms), the base set, and the etc set.
 Note that the minimal choice does not include manual pages.
 Also select the ``Online Manual Pages'' for a good lightweight install.

 The custom installation option defaults to just the minimal sets.

Note that other sets include other manual pages also. Do you have other 
manual pages? (find /usr/share/man   but don't mail that to this list if 

Jeremy C. Reed

p.s. I copy and pasted some of this from my book in progress.

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